Danish Communist Party

Greeting Message to the 2nd Congress of Danish Communist Party

Dear comrades,

we, the participants of the 25th Prague Theoretico-Political Conference, taken part by the representatives of 15 communist parties and more than a hundred activists of the CPBM from various Czech regions, do address fraternal greetings to your 2nd Congress. Today our conference, to whose success Danish communists have substantially contributed many times, too, is focusing upon a subject of an extraordinary importance – that of a clear identity and, as productive as possible, unity of communist parties, based on Marxism-Leninism as a truly scientific, revolutionary theory.

Capitalism has been entering its biggest crisis since the 30s of the previous century. It will completely disclose also a totally precarious nature of both reformism and “concepts”, trying to acquire a monopoly on a “modern”, as if “undogmatic” interpretation of Marxism, but in reality disarming the opponents of capitalism just in a moment, when they should take their initiative before a mass frustration and fears would get a freak of various demagogues.

The more we do strive for a unity of program and action with all the communists and other left-wing and democratic forces, not missing a courage enough to withstand the above pressures and fake advisers, and to confront the coming crisis through a principal Marxist-Leninist policies. We believe that your 2nd Congress will contribute to it in a significant manner. We wish a full success to its deliberations and conclusions.

Prague, November, 15, 2008