5.5.2010: Generalstreik in Griechenland

Info on KKE-KNE activities in front of the nationwide strike of May 5th.

With a symbolic action on 4 May 2010 KKE sends to the peoples of Europe a message of resistance and counterattack against the anti-labour measures taken in Greece and in other countries under the pretext of the exit from the capitalist crisis.

Tens of members of KKE and KNE proceeded early in the morning of 4 May in a symbolic occupation of the Acropolis rock. With red flags and two enormous banners bearing the slogan “Peoples of Europe rise up” written in Greek and in English they called for the further development of the class struggle just a few hours after the great demonstrations for the May Day organised by the All Workers’ Militant Front (PAME) in 75 cities throughout Greece and just before the 24hour nationwide strike on 5th May against the anti-peoples and anti-workers measures promoted by the social-democrat government of PASOK, the EU and the IMF. At the same time, the civil servants went on strike on May 4.


see more in http://www.kne.gr/english.html